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In 20+ years of providing top quality Massage, Reiki, and Essential Oil sessions, Peggy has collected a number of reveiws from satisfied clients. She opened Essentials Plus Massage & Wellness in January of 2018 and in December 2021 changed over the booking software platform and -poof!- three years of reviews were gone! While satisfied clients rebuild the online review database, please enjoy some of these reviews from clients at her previous establishments (Bardot Spa - which serviced 4 and 5-Star hotels in downtown San Diego; Day Spa in the City - La Mesa, CA; Spa 33 - El Cajon, CA, and of course Essentials Plus Massage & Wellness in El Cajon).

"I had a full body massage and was experiencing a lot of neck and shoulder pain. Peggy was extremely gentle and powerful at the same time!! I would highly recommend her services!" - Mark L.

"I was on Peggy's table for an hour and I feel like I just had a two-week vacation!" - Gloria L.

"This lady is a real professional. Came in yesterday for a 60 minute massage. Last night I slept through most of the night for the first time in 3 weeks. I highly encourage you to try Peggy if you have not already done so. Thank you Peggy for a great massage. I will be returning for more of the same." - Suzanne R.

"I really enjoyed my massage by Peggy! She is extremely talented at working out the knots and at the same time put you in dream land! " - Patrick C.

"A while back I damaged both my shoulders and biceps. I go to Peggy as pain management. When I went this last time my neck and shoulders were in so much pain. She was very concerned with the level of pain I had and listened to me. I love deep tissue massage, and this time she really worked deeper on the areas causing me problems. 2 days later I realized I could sleep at night, I had energy, I could think clearly-I felt great!.I highly recommend Peggy, she listened & delivered just what I needed!" - Cindie W.

"I am a regular client of Peggy's and always get an exceptional massage." - Debra L.

"Peggy is amazing - very knowledgeable, professional & listens to your needs. She is a very caring lady. She walks on water!!" - Roberta C.

"Everytime I see Peggy I leave a new person. Personalized attention and Lordy the doTerra oils ... I love them!" - Kellye L.

"Peggy knows exactly how much pressure to apply to my body. The essential oils really seemed to helped me cope with my acid during the massage." - Peter H.

"I love the massage I got from Peggy. She takes care in perfecting her craft. She is attentive to me, and customizes the massage to fit how I feel. She asks relevant questions in order to efficiently apply the essential oils to specific areas for maximum benefit. She figured out that my pressure tolerance is a 3/4, and she maintained it at that level that I am comfortable with. I am delighted that she covers me with a light blanket, and only reveals the part that she is working on." - Adrianna B.

"Absolutely the best massage ever! Feeling relaxed yet energized. I will return. I highly recommend Peggy and her use of doTerra essential oils." - Geri S.

"Peggy's class is fun and full of information. I always leave her classes feeling confident and educated about my DoTerra Oils. I am looking forward to learning all I can about my oils and how they can help myself, friends, family & my beautiful fur babies (dogs). Thank You Peggy" - Michelle C.

"Just had an outstanding massage here. Peggy does such an amazing job that I felt like I was floating on the table after the massage. I'm typically not very aware of the types of oils a masseuse may use.. my usual attitude on that is they use whatever they use and I'm ambivalent on the matter. Whatever she used was pretty amazing though and I definitely noticed. It smelled great, felt refreshing and the way she incorporated a hot towel down my spine was just beyond awesome." - Dan B.

"Peggy's massage was wonderful as usual and her essential oil treatment was a treat. I was so relaxed when I left." - Donna K.

"Peggy is a wonderful masseuse! She listens to your needs and works out all the kinks. Her room is inviting." - Donna N.

"Peggy is amazing! Like a long lost secret that I finally found! Will go back again and again! So happy that you guys use essential oils as well!" - Trudi K.

"Peggy is awesome. Always feel so much better after a session. Looking forward to my next massage." - Paul F.

"Peggy gives the best massage with her gentle touch and essential oils. I always leave so relaxed and wonderful." - Marie C.

"I am also a Massage Therapist and have given many massages that have left people feeling "AAAAHHHHH" so relaxed, but it wasn't until I received an Aromatouch massage that I actually felt what my clients felt "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH" so Relaxed!!!!!!! If anybody wants to that "Calgone Take Me Away" effect Please treat yourself to an Aromatouch massage you'll thank me for it." - Juliana G.

"Want a professional massage, book with Peggy. She seems to have a sense for knowing exactly what parts of the body to work on. Again, I experienced a great massage so beneficial and so enjoyable. Thank you Peggy for another great hour." - Suzanne R.

"Peggy is a great masseuse. The experience I've had has been all positive." - Robert A.

"Peggy is the best. I leave the spa so relaxed. Her hands do magic. Peggy finds all the spots on my body that hurt. The oils she uses are great. Thanks Peggy for being there for me." - Connie P.

"I love Peggy's massages. She is so gifted in sharing her spirit through her hands. This time, I had fallen the day before and banged my side which inhibited my breathing when lying down. The area had also been painful to the touch. Since the massage I no longer have any discomfort. I also love the essential oils that she uses. I shall return!" - Geri S.

"I wrote a review after going to Peggy for a while but I'm well-established with her now & feel the need for a follow-up. I have chronic pain that impedes sleep & life. Peggy ASKS where I'm at every appt and actually LISTENS & RESPONDS!!! I have a whole team of doctors that won't do that! She knows physiology well, has a litany of techniques, oils, hot rocks, etc. & is incredibly responsive to what my body needs in a given day. I can't imagine where I'd be without her care. She is a Godsend" - Annie B.

Peggy is the best massuse I've ever had and believe me I've had massages all over the world including Japan, Thailand, & Spain to mention a few. In US I had a really difficult time finding a good fit. Peggy is a truly gifted, kind, mindful and welcoming professional. Not only does she do a great job but she's in love with it & thats rare!" - Alex P.

"Peggy gave me a wonderful massage! More than that, she and I chatted and discussed essential oils! Time well spent!!" - Dana B.

"Thanks to Peggy for the ZYTO assessment. Based on that report, I was able to order supplements and oils that would best help my problems. Very easy and convenient to have done." - Sharon T.

"A couple of friends bought me a gift certificate for my birthday and I came in and had a massage with Peggy. It. Was. Wonderful. I am a hairstylist so I am always on the other end of making people feel beautiful and relaxed and refreshed, rarely on the receiving end of those services. It was wonderful to have such a great professional servicing me. Environment. Attitude. Massage. Everything was wonderful. I rebooked my appointment and can't wait to come back!" - Mariah S.

"This was my second massage by Peggy. Her massage skills exceeded my expectations on both occasions. Peggy puts her heart and soul into the massage and relieves tension and creates total relaxation." - Geri S.

"I have been seeing Peggy for almost a year now. She is attentive and caring person. I tell her where my problem areas are and she makes me feel relaxed and stress free. The oils Peggy uses are great. I always look forward to seeing her and knowing I will always get a great massage." - Connie P.

"Peggy gives a GREAT message and the essential oils enhance the experience." - Denise A.

"I made an appointment for a consultation with Peggy. Peggy greeted me with a hug and she made me feel comfortable. She did her research about my condition and laid out all my options that she can help me with. She was very patient and helpful. She did not push any products nor push any services. I am most definitely coming back." - Shahani O.

"Peggy is the best! I always feel so much better after a session with her. She is very knowledgeable and gifted!" - Sam W.

"Had my very first massage this past Friday with Peggy. I never fall asleep during a massage and Peggy had me soo relaxed that I actually fell asleep a few times. Highly recommend!!!" - Olga F.

"Peggy was great. I come in to relax and Peggy does such a great job. At times she puts me to sleep. She applies the right amount of pressure and always make me feel welcomed." - Connie P.

"I have many very painful issues from my neck, back, hip, groin & down 1 leg. Peggy has been giving me much appreciated relief for about 3 months and I am so impressed by her care. She listens to what your needs are and checks in with you throughout your session. I need pretty deep work & she is good about taking her time as my body accepts her pressure. She uses oils that help tone down the pain and relax the muscles/nerves." - Annie B.

"I had an incredible massage! My back, neck, and knee were hurting and Peggy used her essential doTerra oils and went to work on my problem areas. By the time I left I felt relaxed, less stressed, and ready to book another appointment. Thank you, Peggy!" - Ron Y.

"I went to see Peggy for a massage yesterday. She is so intuitive and has a great sense of touch. I had to come see her one last time before I move to Japan. If I'm ever in San Diego area, I will make a point to come back!" - Dacia D.

"I try to go once a month. Peggy is amazing! Thanks for taking away my stress!!!" - Karen S.

"Peggy was wonderful from the get go. Very welcoming and appreciative of her clients. Honored and expired gift certificate. WOW but the WOW didn't stop there. I had an hour massage and it was a generous hour. Not like the place with the word "Envy" in it.. (they deduct 10 minutes of a 60 minute massage for "clothes changing"). I was very relaxed - I'm going back soon." - Christine H.

"Peggy has the right touch and knows how to make my body turn to a soft mushy ball of feel good. Thanks for what you do!" - Troy A.

"I saw Peggy for help releasing the tightness in my face and neck for TMJ. She is knowledgeable, an excellent Practioner, and intuitive when working on my body. She was able to get quite a bit of "release" in some tense areas in the chest and shoulders. I've had a lot of massage and Peggy is by far the best at what she does. I look forward to my next visit." - Susie M.

"I love going to see Peggy. She is a gifted massage therapist. She is knowledgeable about essential oils and has an intuitive touch. I always feel like a million bucks after my session with her." - Diana D.

"I usually like deep tissue massage to work out the stress and the kinks. The aroma touch using doTERRA essential oils was relaxing and rejuvenating I felt like I was floating on a cloud" - Kellye L.

"I had the best massage of my life yesterday with Peggy! She did an amazing job and really took the time to take care of my body and what it needed." - Sam H.

"Want to feel refreshed? Schedule an appointment with Peggy for a refreshing, uplifting experience, like going on vacation without ever leaving town!" - Linda C.

"Had a wonderful massage with Peggy. She used many different oils. Just breathing them in was so incredible I'm still feeling wonderful today. Thanks Peggy " - Mary P.

"It is so relaxing. Feel invigorated and renewed every time I go. Peggy worked on me with her essential oils which always helps to take the tiredness and pain away. She has a wonderful touch. Can't wait till next time." - Donna K.

"I feel like a rejuvenated young man after her good job of relieving my cramps and stress, she's awesome good!" - Cory S.

"I'm not a fan of rough massages so I was thrilled with Peggy's light touch oil massage." - Suzy A.

"Came in for a zyto scan, and had a wonderful experience! I can't wait to get more doterra goodies!" Ellyn R.

"Yesterday I saw Peggy for both physical and emotional ailements. Not only was her touch relaxing and pain relieving, the essential oils she incorporated into my massage made this experience so unique. My body feels great and my mind is calm. I cant wait to get another appointment with Peggy, I hear she books quick so I better call now!!!" - Lily R.

"This is the 3rd massage I have received from Peggy. She does a great job at finding trouble points and also providing a massage that relieves stress and tension leaving me feeling rejuvenated when I walk out." - George S.

"Wow, I had no idea how thorough this test would be! I highly recommend it and Peggy made me feel very comfortable :-) The explanations make lots of sense and I'm ready to start feeling better now using the Doterra oils . Thank You:-) " - Nancy M.

"just had my first massage by peggy. she is wonderful truly the best massage I have ever had." - Teri W.

"This was my first visit with Peggy. She was kind, attentive and professional. She did an excellent job. I left feeling so relaxed." - Connie P.

I will definitely come back! Thanks to Peggy for finding all of my knots and working out the kinks! Thank you!" - Eric D.

"I am a repeat customer. Peggy worked on me last time for a wonderful, relaxing massage. She also uses Do Terra essentials oils that always helps takes the pain away. I went in hurting and tired, came out feeling great with a lot more energy to complete my day. Did I say what a great listner Peggy is when I am in the mood to talk. She is also a good teacher of the oils. I highly recommend" - Donna K.

"Peggy Mundell is an extraordinarily gifted massage therapist and essential oil consultant. Peggy's knowledge, care and professionalism is beyond amazing! Her classes in doTERRA essential oils are not only informative, but fun and carry a very high frequency of love for all, including our animal companions." - Laurel B.

"Yesterday, I had the pleasure of a second massage with Peggy. She is extremely knowledgeable of all things having to do with essential oils. She takes extra care on areas that need more attention and the oils leave you smelling fresh. If you are looking for a massage therapist, Peggy is an excellent choice!" - Marcene D.

"My wife scheduled an appointment for me, especially since I have carpal tunnel and back issues. I can honestly say that this experience was definitely worth it! I had an hour message from Peggy and it was very professional, thorough, as well as informative. She hit every spot that needed work (and I have a lot since I sit at a desk for 8 hours/5 days a week). She focused on my arms/hands, since I have a carpal tunnel flare up, and it seemed to really calm everything down to the point that both arms/hands felt good. " - Robert Y.

"I have seen Peggy for several sessions. I started with her because I had TMJ that was causing constant headaches. After one visit, TMJ was gone!! Now I see Peggy after a stressful week at work to make the stress of the week just go away! Thanks Peggy!!!! (I'll see you soon!)" - Kristi S.

"I left feeling relaxed and refreshed. Peggy was great. Good for the body, mind and spirit. I recommend her to anyone who wants to feel great after a busy week." - Jerriann T.

"I recently had a massage with Peggy-it was FANTASTIC!! It was a very relaxing atmosphere and her knowledge of essential oils made the massage customized to me. I was in a lot of pain when I came and I left feeling refreshed, with less pain, soft and oiled, educated, and cant wait to go back!!" - Tina C.

"I'm an attorney in a very high-stress position. Every Saturday (unless I'm on travel), I go to Peggy for relief. I walk through the front door and have an almost Pavlovian response to the mild aromatherapy: it brings me instant peace. I'm normally averse to scents, but this is... different. Peggy is a warm and caring person, and she always listens to what I *think* I need. Most times, she just knows. I can't say enough about Peggy. It's my haven from the madness." - Kim L.

"I woke up with a pinched nerve in my back on Monday so I had a massage with Peggy and words can't describe how much her technique helped, she totally opened it up and rubbed all kinds of wonderful fragrant oils on me. I am totally looking forward to seeing her again!!" - Stephanie S.

"Just what the DR ordered!! Upcoming surgery stress....and she put me in a happy place! Talked to me about essentials oils, so it was my learning time too!! Thank you Peggy!!!" - Dana B.

"Peggy has done wonders for my back and I'm very picky about my massages. Over the past couple years I've received massages as gifts, but they don't compare by any means!" - Arlene R.

"Peggy was phenomenal. She tuned into my needs and body. I went in hoping for a wonderful therapeutic massage and got that and more! She is a wealth of information. She loves what she does and I can't wait to see her again!!!" - Paula Q.

"Another visit another happy girl. Peggy's TMJ massage and knowledge of alternative therapies are top notch! I left feeling wonderful and with less pain in my jaw and neck. YEAH!" - Michele C.

"Enjoyed my massage by Peggy ~ it got the knots out! Would recommend to others & I know that I'll be back to get another massage from Peggy" - Heather M.

"My full body massage with Peggy was so relaxing. I haven't felt that good in some time. I felt like a new person. I plan on returning." - Jeri T.

"Peggy gave me my first massage ever and it was fantastic! Great energy work and use of essential oils :)" - Jasey F. "It was an incredible experience and I cannot wait to go back. My Husband gave me a gift certificate for Mother's day, and I signed up with Peggy. She was very nice and did a great job, I felt amazing afterwards. The room was very private and was a calming atmosphere. Thank you again Peggy!" - Amber B.

"I love Peggy's massages using all her essential oils. Very healing and relaxing! She's awesome! I always feel renewed and refreshed." Lisa F.

"I received a massage by Peggy and absolutely loved it! She gives excellent pressure, and combines her deep tissue with Reiki, for a more gentle approach. I love how she eases into the muscle! I will be seeing Peggy again, and next time, I'll get a 90 minute service!" - Janelle W.

"I have been getting a massage twice a month from Peggy for over a year now. She is amazing at deep tissue massage and has been diligent in working on very painful areas to help rehabilitate me. She really listens and checks in with my needs each time. She is so positive and healing." - Anne B.

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